Committee on Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution

The functions of this Committee would revolve around the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty relating to regional affairs; the receipt of reports of the EAC – Sectoral Committees responsible for affairs following this realm; the initiation and conduct of studies, investigations; receipt of reports of complaints for non-compliance and the general oversight of the implementation of the programmes/projects/legislation in this realm.

The broad functions will hinge on the following provisions of the Treaty, though not limited to them.

(a)    Chapter Seventeen - Free Movement of Persons, Labour, Services, Right of Establishment and Residence.
(b)    Chapter Twenty Three - Co-operation in Political Matters.
(c)    Chapter Twenty-Seven -  Co-operation in other Fields.
(d)    Chapter Twenty-Six - International Organisations and Development Partners.

The mode of operation will involve receipt of briefs and reports from the relevant EAC Sectoral Committee(s) in Chapter Seven of the Treaty.  This will be in addition to the work in this area which the Committee could initiate on their own volition, or and that referred to them by the Hon. Speaker and the House.

Committee Composition

  1. Muhirwa, Jean-Marie
  2. Dr. Nduwimana, Martin
  3. Nengo, Emmanuel
  4. Sebalu, Mike
  5. Okumu, Chris O
  6. Byamukama, Dora C.K
  7. Yahya, Maryam Ussi
  8. Taslima, Issa T
  9. Mwinyi, Abdullah A. H
  10. Dr Kalinda, Francois
  11. Rwigema, Pierre-Celestin
  12. Abubakar, Abubakar Zein
  13. Ogle, Abubakar D. Abdi
  14. Bonaya, Sarah T.

Committee Reports

  1. Capacity Building for EALA Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution Committee Members [Feb 23, 2014]
  2. Regional Parliamentarians Workshop on Forests and Climate Change [Feb 23, 2014]
  3. Report of the Workshop on Governance of Natural Resources in the EAC Region [Feb 23, 2014]
  4. Report on the Assessment of Good Governance in Partner States [Feb 23, 2014]
  5. Adherence to Good Governance in the EAC and the Status of the EAC Political Federation [Feb 23, 2014]
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