Committee on Legal, Rules and Privileges

The main functions of this Committee are broadly, to receive, review, scrutinize, investigate the complaints against legal entities within EAC of denial/deprivation of enjoyment or inappropriate enjoyment, and use contrary to provisions of the Treaty, Protocols and Agreements by any persons resident within the EAC, regardless of the legal status or the presence of such persons; oversight of the work of EAC – Sectoral Committees and organs.

The broad functions as in the paragraph above, hinge on complaints falling within but, not restricted to provisions of:-

(a)    Chapter Twenty-Four – Legal and Judicial affairs;
(b)    Chapter Twenty Nine General, Transitional and Final Provisions;
(c)    Complaints of breaches of the provisions of:

Rule 3 Independent Mandate, Privileges and Immunities;

Rule 4 Incompatibilities.

(d)     Complaints of alleged breaches of the established Code of Conduct, Dress Code for Members, staff and strangers.
(e)    Establishment of requisite codes of conduct and dress for Members, staff and strangers while within the precincts of the Assembly.
(f)    Investigation into and recommendation of solutions of breaches/non compliance with provisions of Annex II – Declaration of a Member’s Financial Interests; of the Rules and Procedures.
(g)    The receipt and disposal of proposals for the amendment of the Rules of Procedure.
(h)    Complaints and alleged non-compliance with provisions of the Treaty.

Committee Composition

  1. Ngenzebuhoro, Frederic
  2. Ndarubagiye, Leonce
  3. Ndahayo, Isabelle
  4. Byamukama, Dora C.K
  5. Taslima, Issa T
  6. Mukasa, Fred M
  7. Nakawuki, Susan
  8. Nyerere, Charles M
  9. Oda,Gasinzigwa
  10. Yahya, Maryam Ussi
  11. Dr. Nyiramilimo, Odette
  12. Kiangoi, Ombasa J.
  13. Mathuki, Peter M
  14. Pareno, Judith R

Committee Reports

  1. Legal Framework and Implementation of Policies on the Rights of the Children in the EAC [Feb 23, 2014]
  2. Matrix of Amendments of the EALA Rules of Procedure [Feb 23, 2014]
  3. Proposed Amendments of the Rules of Procedures of the Assembly [Feb 23, 2014]
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