Committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Wildlife

The main functions of this Committee are broadly to initiate/review Legislation; receive/call for reports from Sectoral Committees, monitor/oversight of implementation of programmes/projects; receive and investigate complaints of non-compliance or failure to facilitate efforts to achieve objectives/goals; carry out studies of specified aspects of the programmes/projects in their realm.

The broad function will hinge on the following provisions of the Treaty, though not limited to them;

(a)    Chapter Eighteen - Agriculture and Food.
(b)    Chapter Nineteen - Co-operation in Environment and Natural Resources Management           
(c)    Chapter Twenty  - Co-operation in Tourism and  Wildlife Management.

Committee Composition

  1. Ndahayo, Isabelle
  2. Ngendakumana, Jeremie
  3. Ndarubagiye, Leonce
  4. Sebalu, Mike
  5. Okumu, Chris O
  6. Nakawuki, Susan
  7. Murunya, Bernard M
  8. Kimbisa, Adam O.
  9. Bhanji, Shy-Rose S
  10. Harerimana, Abdul K
  11. Oda,Gasinzigwa
  12. Hajabakiga, Patricia
  13. Pareno, Judith R
  14. Ng’aru, Agnes Mumbi
  15. Nkanae, Saoli Ole

Committee Reports

  1. Capacity Building for EALA Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources Committee Members [Feb 23, 2014]
  2. Assessment of Policy and Production Constraints Affecting the Livestock Sector in the EAC [Feb 23, 2014]
  3. On-Spot Assessment of the EAC Single Customs Territory (SCT) [Feb 23, 2014]
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