Acts of the Community

These are Community laws enacted as of the EAC Bills which had passed through the legislative steps, and assented by the Heads of EAC States.

Date Title Preview Details
05 Dec, 2007 The Lake Victoria Transport Act,2007 Preview Details
05 Dec, 2007 EAC Customs Management Act,2007 Preview Details
30 Jul, 2007 EAC Supplementary Appropriation Act,2007 Preview Details
24 May, 2006 The EAC Standardisation,Quality assurance,Metrology and Testing Act,2006 Preview Details
26 Feb, 2006 The Treaty for the Establishment of the East Africa Community 1999 - 2006 Preview Details
16 Dec, 2005 The Acts of East African Assembly, 2004 Preview Details
26 May, 2004 The EAC Appropriation Act,2004 Preview Details
30 Jul, 2003 The Acts of the East African Community Preview Details
24 Jul, 2003 The Laws of the Community Preview Details
20 May, 2003 The East African Legislative Assembly 9Powers and Privileges) Act,2003 Preview Details