Date Title Preview Details
31 Aug, 2016 Order Paper No.140- 3rd Assembly, 5th Session - 1st Meeting Preview Details
30 Aug, 2016 1st Meeting of the 5th Session of the 3rd Assembly Preview Details
25 Aug, 2016 Report of the Oversight Activity on Hotel Classification and Preparedness for Single Tourist Visa Preview Details
24 Aug, 2016 Report of EALA on the 2nd Sensitization Activities conducted in Partner States Preview Details
19 Aug, 2016 The EAC Counter-trafficking in Persons Bill,2016 by Hon.Dora C.Kanabahita Byamukama Preview Details
19 Aug, 2016 The EAC prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Bill,2016 by Hon. Dora Christine Kanabahita Byamuka Preview Details
05 Aug, 2016 Speech by RT.Hon. Daniel F.Kidega,Speaker of EALA at the 2016 Conference of African Speakers Preview Details
04 Aug, 2016 Paper on Plan of Action to achieve Legislative Powers by Rt.Hon. Daniel F.Kidega Preview Details