EALA Commission

The functions of the EALA Commission shall be:

(a)    to manage the affairs of the Assembly;
(b)    to organize the business and programme of the House;
(c)    to nominate members of the Standing and other Committees; and
(d)    to do any other function that is incidental to the furtherance of the above

Committee Composition

  1. Muhirwa, Jean-Marie
  2. Nduwayo, Christopher
  3. Gasinzigwa, Oda
  4. Kalinda Francois Xavier
  5. Nkuhi Fancy Haji
  6. Yahya Maryam Ussi
  7. Dr. Oginga Oburu
  8. Muhia Wanjiku
  9. Nakawuki Susan Nsambu
  10. Mukasa Fred Mbidde
  11. Dr. Leonardo Itto Ann
  12. Dr.Gabriel Garang Aher Arol

Committee Reports

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