Committee on General Purposes

The functions of this Committee would revolve around the oversight of the progress made in the implementation of those provisions of the Treaty, which address matters of general application on the EAC in relation to the role and functions of the EALA. 

In that regard, the Committee would initiate studies and investigation, call for and receive reports of the work of bodies, programmes and projects on such matters.  As the Committee may find appropriate upon the receipt of reports from EAC Sectoral Committees; they would refer certain matters to such Committees for further study and report.

In carrying out their functions, the Committee would hinge on the oversight of the work of the EAC and Sectoral Committees emanating from the following provisions of the Treaty; though not restricted or limited to them:
(a)    Chapter Sixteen - Co-operation in the Development of Human Resources, Science and Technology.
(b)    Chapter Twenty One - Health, Social and Cultural Activities.
(c)    Chapter Twenty Two - Enhancing the Role of Women in Socio-Economic Development.

-    Pre-budgeting function.

Committee Composition

  1. Dr. Nduwimana, Martin
  2. Muhirwa, Jean-Marie
  3. Bucumi, Emerence
  4. Omar, Nusura T.
  5. Mulengani, Bernard
  6. Kizigha, Angela C.
  7. Nyerere, Charles M
  8. Kimbisa, Adam O.
  9. Dr. Nyiramilimo, Odette
  10. Dr. Ndahiro, James
  11. Nyirahabineza, Valerie
  12. Ogle, Abubakar D. Abdi
  13. Abubakar, Abubakar Zein
  14. Abisai, Nancy K. L

Committee Reports

  1. Capacity Building for EALA General Purpose Committee Members [Feb 23, 2014]
  2. Capacity Building Workshop for the EALA Committee on General Purpose [Feb 23, 2014]
  3. Report of the Workshop on Governance of Natural Resources in the EAC Region [Feb 23, 2014]
  4. Report on Common Market Protocol Implementation Challenges Along the Northern & Central Corridors [Feb 23, 2014]
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