Committee on Communication, Trade and Investment

The main functions of this Committee are broadly to receive reports on the status of implementation of the provisions of the Treaty falling within their mandate; complaints of non-compliance in facilitating the achievement of the objectives/goals of the Treaty; oversight of work and activities of the Sectoral Committee of the EAC and organs charged with implementation of provisions in this realm.

The broad functions above shall hinge on the following provisions of the Treaty, but not limited to them, these are:-

(a)    Chapter Eleven  - Co-operation in Trade, Liberalization and Development.
(b)    Chapter Twelve - Co-operation in Investment, & Industrial Development.
(c)    Chapter Thirteen - Co-operation in Standardization,Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing.
(d)    Chapter Fourteen - Monetary and Financial Co-operation.
(e)    Chapter Fifteen - Co-operation in Infrastructure and Services.
(f)    Chapter Twenty-Five - The Private Sector and Civil Society.
(g)    Chapter Twenty-Six - Relations with other Regional and International Organizations and Development Partners.

Committee Composition

  1. Nsabimana, Yves
  2. Bucumi, Emerence
  3. Ngenzebuhoro, Frederic
  4. Mukasa, Fred M
  5. Tiperu, Nusura O.
  6. Mulengani, Bernard
  7. Kizigha, Angela C.
  8. Mwinyi, Abdullah A. H
  9. Dr. Nderakindo, Kessy
  10. Dr. Ndahiro, James
  11. Ndikuryayo, Straton
  12. Hajabakiga, Patricia
  13. Abisai, Nancy K. L
  14. Bonaya, Sarah T.
  15. Kiangoi, Ombasa J.

Committee Reports

  1. Capacity Building for EALA Communications, Trade and Investments Committee Members [Feb 23, 2014]
  2. Investment Promotion and Industrialization and Strategies in EAC Region [Feb 23, 2014]
  3. Workshop on Investment Policies and Strategies in the EAC Region [Feb 23, 2014]
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